Conform or be cast out.

This is Budi Rahardjo's web site. More information is available in the about and what's new pages. There are numerous update there. Currently, I'm in the process of updating files (and index) in the security term papers produced by students of my security classes and my non-security classes. In the future, I will split these into separate pages. You can download and read the papers. Enjoy.

What's New

There is a video of me, presenting the state of IT security in Indonesia at ANU's Indonesia Project, at YouTube. You can also visit my YouTube channel.

Classes I taught last term: Software Security, Secure Operation and Incident Handling, Information Security. Papers for those classes are available in the academic section.

New class(es) are coming this term.

Saya adalah salah satu dari pendiri Insan Music Store, toko musik digital Indonesia. Saat ini toko musik digital ini sedang bermetamorfosis (ke-5, menggunakan NFT) dan dalam pengembangan sehingga belum dapat diakses. Cerita mengenai perjalanan toko musik digital ini dapat dibaca di sini".

Blog: rahard.wordpress.com


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