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March, 2016 Students assignments are coming in. I am updating the papers section. I am also updating list of articles that I have written.

February, 2016. Now that classes are running, I am pretty much super busy. I am also giving presentations here and there. Check out the presentation page. There's also a new page, an images page.

January, 2016. I am in the process of updating security term papers. There will be lots of files there. Need time to do it.

December, 2015. There should be many changes into this web site. I have given many presentations between last update (September) and today (December). Unfortunately, I didn't have the time to update. See the Personal page for latest presentations I made.

September, 2015. Now this site is generated by personal script to get a consistent look and feel. I've been so busy in the last few days. There's also a new section, the article section. Some articles or papers that I have written are available there.

August, 2015. Finally, a responsive web site. This site is now hosted at Dewaweb. Unfortunatelly, some of the links and files are still not available.i Hang on ...


List of courses I teach (including students assignments), Curriculum Vitae (CV). My students should look into this section. List of security term papers, my students, my courses at YouTube

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Professional and Personal

Articles (papers and books), presentations, and things that I write (or read). Or maybe see some images.

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