Typefaces / Fonts

I love fonts. Acually, obsessed with fonts. I got bored easily looking at those online pages or even emails. I need to get a new look with different fonts. That is why I hate applications that do not have configuration to change the fonts.

I use Stylish add ons to change the look and feel in my browsers (Firefox and Chrome). Here's the configuration for Firefox and Chrome. (For the Chrome, you have to select which domain(s) the configuration is applied to.)

@-moz-document domain("facebook.com") {
* { font-family: "Montserrat","HelveticaNeue", sans-serif; !important;
text-shadow: none !important; }
* { font-family: "Roboto Slab", "HelveticaNeue", Arial, sans-serif; !important;
text-shadow: none !important; }

Here is a list of typeface / fonts that I currently use. These are free fonts that I found in Font Squirrel or Dafont.

Serif. Genaral fonts.

  1. Bookerly (for reading ebooks)
  2. Georgia

Sans Serif. These are fonts that I use to browse (in my browser) or for presentations.

  1. Montserrat (reading stuff)
  2. Lato (for presentation)

Fixed width or typewritter-like fonts. I used this for my terminal applications or to read my emails.

  1. JackInput (it's Courier-like)
  2. Source Code Pro
  3. Inconsolata


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