The following is a list of papers for Digital Literacy / Data Science classes.


  1. Agung E Pramajaya, Pitfall on Embracing Electric Cars Technologies in Indonesia: a Literature Review: Report
  2. Ahmad Hudori, Technology SD-WAN For Internet of Things (IoT): Report
  3. Asep Rohmatutullah, Industrial Automation Systems: Production Support with Automation Intended to Minimize Costs and Increase Capacity: Report
  4. Alvandi Immanuille Saerang ICT Allows People Working From Home: A Literature Review: Report
  5. Baiq Alfia Nur Chandra Mustika, Digital Literacy and Media Youtube content on teenagers in avoiding the negative impact of Technology: Proposal, Report
  6. Chyntia Agni Archiyesa Education Strategy towards Digital Competences for Welcoming Society 5.0: Report
  7. David Maraharja Utilization of Digital Books in the School Library for Students with Visual Learning Style: Literature Review: Proposal, Report
  8. Donny Marshal Application of Drone Using AI for Industy in Indonesia: Proposal, Report